SIAMS Report

Previous SIAMS grade:  Good (July 2015)

Current inspection grade:  Good (October 2022)

We are absolutely delighted to share the latest SIAMS Inspection report with you. SIAMS stands for Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools and is the inspection process for Diocesan Church Schools. It focuses on the effect that the Christian ethos of the church school has on the children and young people who attend it.

This report is a celebration of a lot of hard work from the staff at Spaxton’s and we are feeling very proud of our colleagues. We are also very grateful to our parents/carers and the wider school community.

The report commented on the positive relationship parents and carers have with the school, saying “Close relationships with parents ensure that they are fully involved on a day to day basis in their children’s behaviour and progress. Parents value the school’s open culture and provide exceptional support, such as on one of the recent weekend ‘maintenance days’.” This is hugely important to us, so thank you.

Please get in touch with us through the school office if you have any questions. 


Key Headlines

“The school’s curriculum is a holistic expression of its vision enabling all to flourish and achieve. Teaching is inspiring, engaging and fully focussed on meeting the needs of all pupils. Consequently, learning at Spaxton is enjoyable and ‘fun’.”

“The school’s value of respect is strongly promoted and has a good impact. Pupils have a strong sense of fairness and equality and care for and protect one another in line with the vision. Consequently all ages play very well together and relationships are exceptionally supportive.”

“Collective worship is inclusive, invitational and central to daily life at Spaxton. It reflects the school’s vision by motivating and inspiring pupils to flourish and achieve. Worship themes root the school’s values in biblical stories as well as the life and teachings of Jesus.”