Parent Family Support Advisor (PFSA)

Spaxton School PFSA is Hannah Branch.

This explains the role of a PFSA.

What is a PFSA

Parent & Family Support Advisers are appointed to provide direct support to young people and their families.
The PFSA can help in a variety of ways including; school   attendance, participation, behaviour & parenting. 
Additionally, a PFSA can support parents accessing other agencies

Aims of a PFSA

To promote communication between home and school
To increase attendance and outcomes.
To provide information, support and advice to parents in relation to outside agencies and groups.
To promote the participation and partnership working of  home and school 

The PFSA Service

A confidential, informative and flexible approach to meet your families needs.
A one-to-one service which can be arranged in a families own home, by appointment.
Help and support to identify and access services available to families
Please see Head of School if you feel that this service may be of benefit to you and your family.